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Datarium is a service brand of Hana TI that provides certified electronic document services.
Through its brand Datarium, Hana TI was the first company in Korea to establish an electronic document creation facility
and authorized electronic document archive and to receive equipment certification.
In addition, Datarium is the only company in Korea that provides TSA authentication services as well as electronic document storage services in the financial sector.

  • - The nation’s first certified electronic document
    service center
  • - The first financial institution in Korea
    to be certified in three areas
  • - Korea’s first One-Stop-Service center
  • - Largest Slte certification in all areas
  • - Recipient of the 2009 Korea IT Innovation Grand Prize

Datarium uses its legal credibility and technical, administrative, and reliability to provide
superior protection services for clients’ important digitized documents and electronic documents (TSA).

Legal Credibility

  • - Have legal force for the archiving of electronic documents
  • - Ensure the consistency of the original document’s contents
  • - Ensure the authenticity of documents through proper certification

Technical Reliability

  • - Prevent document tampering and record service history
  • - Ensure private key certificates (security level 3 or higher)
  • - Detect and block all online security breaches

Administrative Reliability

  • - Identify and maintain at least 12 operator roles
  • - Document operation standards and procedures
  • - Provide regular operator training

Physical Reliability

  • - Archive documents and other data through the use of a triple backup system
  • - Effectively utilize control, monitor devices, and security breach detection systems
  • - Store operating room access information, prevent document tampering

Security Control Services

1. Security Breach Response and Analysis Services

Hana TI provides security management and security breach response and analysis services to all Hana Financial Group affiliates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Security experts protect the Group’s assets and client information by swiftly and effectively responding to all security breach attempts.

  • Event Monitoring
    - 24*365 Continuous monitoring of
    security breach threats
    - Initial response to any unusual activity
    and/or threat and sharing the results
  • Prevent Possible
    Security Breaches
    - Test for scenario-based hacking
    and penetration
    - Provide information on threat analyses
    and trends, new attack patterns and
    methods, and security vulnerabilities
  • Analyze and Respond
    to Security Breaches
    - Conduct a quick cause analysis
    and devise restoration plans
    and preventive measures in response
    to security breaches
    - Analyze major threats,
    develop detection patterns, etc.

2. Security Consultation Services

Hana TI provides certification consultations, vulnerability checks, and other information protection services for Hana Financial Group affiliates.
Hana TI contributes to the high-level standardization of group information protection by providing management services,
physical consultations, and security policy guidelines for small affiliates.

  • Information Protection, Personal Information Management System
    - Provide information security management system certification (ISMS, ISO27001)
    - Establish personal information protection systems and response measures
    - Verify the status of all consigned parties that are privy to personal information
    - Provide consultations for operations management and information protection
    for small affiliates of security organizations
  • Security Server Diagnosis and Examples
    - Diagnose vulnerabilities in the system (server, WAS, DBMS),
    network/security tools, web/application
    - Diagnose source code vulnerabilities
    - Review affiliates’ security systems

1Q Bank

1Q Bank is a standard group Global Remote Banking Platform developed based on an open source model.

  • Send money by entering the recipient’s mobile phone number or email address
  • Open new accounts or complete check deposit transactions without visiting bank branches
  • Submit loan applications via their mobile device, which is a minimum requirement for opening a maximizer account.


Integrated Financial Benefits, the Most Convenient Financial Platform for Each Lifestyle–Hana Members

  • This integrated membership service is the first of its kind in the financial sector and
    combines the various financial transactions and benefits of the six Hana Financial Group affiliates.
  • · Hana Money (Inquiry–Exchange–Charge–Withdrawal–Payment–Wire Transfer)–Hana Members’ Loan