HanaTI Integrated Digital Solutions

Connection of people, technology, and culture
A new digital space

"OneQ ON" refers to the connection, coexistence, and extension of all solutions
on the basis of a digital platform by combining Hana Financial Group's digital brand "OneQ"
with "ON," meaning "starting something"and "turning something on (energy)."

In Korean, "ON"means "all"or"whole," reflecting Hana TI's commitment
to creating a platform that enables people, culture, and technology to
interact with one another under its digital vision.

OneQ ON offers super-convergence financial
solutions that generate value for customers
by harnessing the rapidly changing trends
of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and
applying innovative financial technologies,
such as AI and big data, with great agility.
OneQ ON provides a package of financial
solutions that can be organized and used
anywhere in any business environment
by developing a flexible algorithm that
connects customers, technology,and culture
based on the vast IT technology and
expertise that Hana TI has accumulated
in international finance for many years.
OneQ ON tracks customers'journeys using
its emotional insight and preemptively meet
customer needs, delivering a high level of
satisfaction and creating unlimited business
possibilities for customers.

OneQ ON provides a full range of digital solutions,
from financial IT solutions to new technologies
such as Open API, AI, and cloud.

Turn"On" new energy for your business with OneQ ON.

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