Social Contributions

Hana TI puts its values of sharing into practice, growing together with the community
and sharing its deep sense of happiness with others.

Social Contribution Activities by Executive and Regular Staff Members

Hana TI regularly conducts social contribution activities that are participated in by its employees and their families. As a company and as individuals, we at Hana TI are committed to fulfilling our mission of “Growing together, sharing happiness” and continue to reach out to our neighbors and society.

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Hana Financial Coding Camp

Hana TI operates the Hana Financial Coding Camp for elementary and middle school students in the community. This special camp supports the dreams and studies of elementary and middle school students in the community by offering basic IT education, provided by Hana TI’s in-house instructors.

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Community Patrons

Together with specialized agencies, Hana TI sponsors artists in the community and promotes art and culture programs. By sponsoring programs that foster culture and art, Hana TI facilitates various forms of communication between members of the community.

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