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IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing refers to a type of business or service that operates an entire or partial IT management system, such as S/W, H/W, and provides the manpower needed for the operation of the information system through an external specialized agency.

As IT continues to evolve through the convergence of new business areas, companies must, now more than ever, be flexible and agile in responding to changing market demands.
Many companies are seeking to enhance their process innovation and competitiveness by using IT services to keep up with the many changes in the business environment.

Since its establishment in 1990, Hana TI, a leading Korean financial IT company, has provided its clients with Total IT Services that utilize various IT systems, developed based on the company’s knowledge and expertise in the fields of banking, securities, and insurance. Hana TI provides its clients with only the best services, based on sound infrastructure and processes, for the success of each and every business.

Provided Services

  • Application Operation Services

    • Hana TI provides stable application operating services based on the company’s vast knowledge and expertise in building and operating financial information systems.
  • Infra Operation Services

    • Hana TI operates each client’s computer systems in a stable and efficient manner through the comprehensive and systematic infrastructure management of various IT platforms and, by doing so, plays an integral part of supporting each client’s business.
  • IDC Services

    • With its industry-leading capabilities, proven expertise, and the solid technological foundation of Hana Financial Group’s Integrated Data Center (Cheongna), Hana TI provides its clients with asset protection and improvement plans for a more efficient and stable IT operating environment.

Application Devlopment

Application Development is a service that includes software development and is suitable for users with optimal hardware for system design.

Fueled by its experience in systems development and the cooperative efforts of other Hana Financial Group affiliates, Hana TI works hard to realize even greater visions for the financial industry.
In addition, Hana TI provides new technologies that go beyond the limits of existing IT systems by connecting clients with the latest ICT technologies such as Mobile, Cloud, and Big Data, helping them build a foundation to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries, seize new opportunities for innovation, and solve business problems.

Hana TI provides optimized systems for each and every client through the adoption of an integrated design approach and the analysis of each client’s systems by its technology and financial experts. By committing a significant amount of time, energy, and resources to each project and service, Hana TI helps clients to strengthen their competitiveness and develop corporate values.

Provided Services

  • Application Development

    • Hana TI possesses the processes and organizational structures needed to provide clients with tailored development services. These superior services are based on Hana TI’s many years’ of experience of successfully executing external and internal finance projects for the various subsidiaries of the Hana Financial Group.
  • Infrastructure Design and Construction

    • Hana TI provides an infrastructural environment comprised of carefully selected services that are tailored for the specific needs of clients, resulting in a stable and efficient IT system that promotes the success of each unique business. Moreover, Hana TI designs each client an optimal system that links and manages the processes of the company, so that the system can operate faster, more effectively, and with greater stability.