Corporate Culture

Action Plan

Hana TI promotes an openly connected and creative corporate culture.

Hana TI’s Action Plan is a central part of realizing the company’s vision of a positive corporate environment.

Achieve a better work-life balance (overtime work at night)

  • · Reduction of unnecessary overtime

Focus only on core agendas and keep communications as concise and efficient as possible (meetings)

  • · Share the meeting agenda(s) with attendees in advance
  • · Complete each meeting in an hour or less
  • · Focus on ‘Action-items’

Increase efficiency by focusing on problem solving (reports)

  • · Focus on problem solving
  • · Actively use interim reports
  • · Make reports via text messages and messenger programs

Employees can choose a work schedule that fits their personal lifestyle (flexible working hours)

  • · Choose your work schedule
  • · More time for personal development

Concentrate on your work without interruption for at least 2 hours every day (work concentration)

  • · Increase personal productivity
  • · Eliminate work inefficiencies

Dress casually to express your personal style (casual dress code)

  • · Supports the building of a creative work environment
  • · Choose clothing suitable for a long-distance commute