• IT is the core technology of digital finance.
  • Hana TI encourages IT talents the future leaders of finance to unleash their true potential.

Efforts to nurture talented individuals. 1

  • Helping employees easily adjust to their new working environment
  • The company’s Soft Landing Program helps talented new recruits adjust to their new working environment.
  • Hana TI’s new employee orientation program helps new recruits familiarize themselves with their coworkers and company operations.
  • 1:1 Mentoring Program with senior staff
  • Follow-up Program for employees in their second year
  • Competency/Leadership Development
  • Opinion Leaders/Leadership/Management Training

Tailored training programs. 2

  • Job skill
  • Hana TI’s IT Campus helps employees excel at their jobs and improve their leadership skills.
Hana Financial Group IT Campus
  • Group IT CDP Connection
    • Hana Financial Group Employee IT Education
      • IT General Track
        PM(Project Management)
        SQL Tuning
      • IT Professional Track
        Specialized Courses for New Technologies (AI, cloud)
        Specialized Courses for Encryption
      • IT Job Track
        IT Planning/IT Development/IT Infrastructure
      • Business/Humanities Track
        Fintech/Startup Briefing/Humanities/Trends
    • Hana TI Employee IT Education
      • Leadership
        Leadership Academy
        Training Program for Promoted Employees
      • Specialty Job Training
        Global IT Master’s Course
        In-house Training Courses (COP)
      • General Job Training
        SW Development/Job & IT Security Training
      • Value-up
        New and Experienced Employee Orientation Program/Mentoring

Nurturing Future IT Experts

    미래 IT전문가 육성
  • AI
  • VR
  • Big Data
  • IoT
  • Bio metric
  • Open API
  • Block chain